Saturday, June 18, 2016

Jersey Giant baby chicks #JERSEYGIANT #CHICKENS

White Jersey Giant

The Jersey Giant Chicken

Jersey Giants were created to be like a big turkey only they were chickens. They are slow to mature it takes them about 18 months but weigh about 13 lbs at full growth.

We have 7 Jersery Giant chicks we can hardly wait for them to get BIG!!!!

Welcome to our Chickens!

My husband has been keeping chickens for over 40 years. In 2011 we said our I do's and I began my journey on being a backyard farmer's wife. Clay has taught me everything from how a chicken lays a egg to how to protect them from being  a hardy lunch for the hawks. Having a sales/Pr background I immediately saw the need to have the information Clay knew available not only to me, but to the world. I knew that  many OLD time farmers just didn't have the time to share their information or were more set in the farmer's ways and just wouldn't do it, as it wasn't in their nature after being married to the land for generations- With that -  we created Pople Backyard Farm and our youtubes, blogs, social media, product reviews, etc... Enjoy I believe like me you will learn more than you bargained for! 

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